Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Christmas Dinner!

For Christmas dinner I asked my Father in law what he wanted for dinner and he said "pork or ham". So I checked with a web forum buddy "Rumrunner" at Addicted to BBQ and he recommended a pork crown roast. So I went to this local butcher I found and he made me a 10 rib roast. It was about 8 pounds. So I found a rub in the newest Food and Wine magazine which came out good but if/when I make it again I'd leave out the crushed red peppers, they made it too spicy for our 6 year old. The day before I made a stock out of some pork bones from the butcher, got the recipe from Emeril's cookbook, it made a ton so I have a bunch in the freezer for future cooks.
Then with the help of my father in law we made a sweet onion and mushroom gravy. Came out great! We used the same kind of technique as the Mad Max turkey gravy but used the pork stock and not as much wine. We also added the sweet onions and mushrooms.

I Egged the roast for about 2.5 hours with cherry and pecan wood to an internal temp of 155.