Thursday, July 26, 2007

Pork Chops, Shrimp and corn!

I usually bring my lunch everyday to work, so I try and cook a bunch of things on Sunday night and then we have some dinners and lunches already made. This weekend we were busy (see post below) so I Egged these Monday night. I marinated the pork chops in Bronco Bob's Mango and Chipotle marinade. The shrimp I marinated in a sauce that is sold by a local Chinese restaurant called Trey Yuen. The sauce is called Tong Cho and is pretty good, not too spicy, not too overpowering. We also tried cooking one skewer of shrimp on a cedar plank that we got free from a festival we went to. I don't think cedar is the way to go! It reminded us of our grandmother's cedar chest! Not a good smell at all. I will try it again but next time on Alder wood planks. The pork chops were great! Nice and juicy!

We will do the pork chops again and the shrimp just minus the cedar Plank.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Mimi and Sarge!

On Sunday afternoon we loaded up the Big Green Egg (Hazel) and headed to my in-laws house. It was both their birthdays and we were going to grill steaks. We bought a whole ribeye at the store and had the butcher cut them into 1 1/4 inch steaks. Got Hazel cranked up to about 900 degrees and seared each of them for about 90 seconds on each side and took them off and brought the temp down to about 400. Put the meat back on till the interanl temp was about 138, let them rest a few minutes and served. They came our GREAT! I used a combo of apple wood and Jack Daneils Barrel chips and the smoke flavor was not too over powering. All in all a very fun night.