Friday, May 4, 2007

T-Rexed a Strip and Italian Hamburger Slices!

Sunday night we got a big 2 ½ inch NY Strip, rubbed it with Bad Byron’s Butt Rub, seared it on the Big Green Egg at 800+ degrees for 90 seconds on each side, pulled it off and brought the temp on the Egg down to about 425. Then threw it back on with 2 pieces of the Italian Hamburger slices, roasted both to about 138 degrees and pulled them off to rest about 10 minutes. Talk about good. This is the first time using Bad Byron’s Butt Rub and we really liked it. Wasn’t as coarse as some of the other rubs and seemed to let the rub penetrate the meat a little better (thanks Traci).
Got the recipe for the hamburgers from Emeril on the food network website. We will be doing this again! The Egg does an incredible job on burgers anyway, even if you over cook them, they are still very moist!

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